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Visit Our Casino

There are two types of people in this world, those who enjoy gambling and play it for fun and are close to a professional level gambler - and those who want to gamble but have never visited. For many who have never visited, many are underage and have waited to attain the legal age and now are ready. We strive to provide the best gambling facilities and games for anyone visiting us. So for those of you who are ready to enter our casino, here is a list of what to expect.

The Casino Floor

Once you enter our casino you enter the main gaming floor - welcome to the wonderful world of gambling! Our vast casino floor is split up in to multiple sections where each section concentrates on a particular game that is played.


The dazzling machines that have wonderful lighting is the set of slot machines and yes we can see your eyes are setup on the luxury car that is placed on the elevated platform. Yes that is our jackpot prize! You could well be the lucky winner. Try your hands on some of the top rated slot machines at Casinos.

Chip and Coin exchange

We understand your problem, you don’t have coins for the slots, don’t worry we have many counters to exchange your bills to quarters or dollar coins that can be used to play in slot machines.

Card Games : Then we have the tables for the card games. There is the central position, or the dealer, and remaining seats are for players. There are multiple card games at each table like poker, black jack etc. Whatever is your choice you can choose that table. There may be a minimum bid per table, please check that before starting.

Ball games : Then there is the section with ball games like Russian roulette and spinning wheel are played.

Bingo Hall : We have a special bingo hall as well, the timings of bingo games are well displayed on the outside, you can buy your cards at the same place where you buy the chips and grab your favourite seat. Whatever the game you plan to play try, one never knows what’s in store.

Bar : We have a fully stocked 24 hour bar that serves you the most delightful of drinks. You need not miss your table - our servers would be doing their rounds, you have to just tell them what drink you need and it would be served right at your table. You are also welcome to visit our bar.

Floor Shows : Every now and then to keep you entertained we perform some shows based on the theme of our casino. We have a big creative team that works on this.

Architecture : If you look away from the slots and the tables on to the walls and the ceiling there is a different world out there, all the paintings and statues that adorn them are also based on the central theme.

Stay : Enjoying our casino is not a single day affair; one has to stay for multiple days to fully enjoy our casino. To cater to such customers we do have a hotel on our top floors, there are rooms at various categories from budget to luxury rooms, including honeymoon and presidential suites. Our staff are well prepared to take care of your every need; all rooms are well equipped with basic amenities including free Wi-Fi.

Arena : We have a large wonderful arena which can house thousands of people at the same time. It is a closed arena which may remind one of where gladiators used to fight in historic Roman Empire. We conduct special ticketed events like magic shows of the greatest magicians, circus and boxing events. Be prepared to buy your tickets at the earliest as they usually sell like hot cakes.Hope you enjoyed a virtual visit to our casino, what are you waiting for come and visit us and enjoy the great games on offer. Have unlimited fun.