Our Casino has been built brick by brick according to the great vision of our founders who foresaw the great fun gambling can offer. Since our incorporation, to this day, we carry forward this dream, every individual that works with us, every sub-contractor who works for us strives hard to realize this dream. We ensure that this team of professionals is well equipped to handle our customers. Our employees are given excellent training by well qualified professionals in this field.

Our own founders and long standing employees have enormous experience in this field, our team has dealers who have been with us for more than ten years. Our core team has some of the best professional gamblers you can find on the planet. Security is an important aspect and some members of the security team have undergone commando training to handle any emergency that may arise.

We have many ex-servicemen and ex-fire fighters in our team. One can be assured of safety in our premises. We do also have quick access to law enforcement agents in case a need arises.We have a special maintenance team that does regular service of our slot machines and other machines on the floor; this is to ensure that you do not face any issues when you play. We do not want you to break your winning streak due to equipment failure. Our servers are well equipped to handle all your needs, they are constantly doing rounds and checking if you need anything to drink and provide you with best of services from our bar. We have a wonderful restaurant as well that has a team of internationally renowned chefs who make any item that you wish. Our team of chefs also undergo various training in different culinary skills. Thus all our teams are well prepared to handle our Kings. Come visit us and give us a chance to serve you.